Working Group Minutes/MWG 2020-08-06

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  • Steve Friedl
  • Michael Spreng
  • Guillaume Rischard
  • Joost Schouppe

Open issues

Vote by mail - fee-waiver country Tunisia - 28.06.2019

Two applicants from Tunisia asked to be accepted for lack of suitable money transfer. A response from Allan Mustard confirms strict currency restrictions and the applicants have sent English articles also confirming the difficulties:

The proposal to add Tunisia on the list of countries with a lack of suitable money transfer options has been unanimously accepted by mail.

Previous minutes


Implementation for active contributor membership

We have drafted new procedures for handling the active contributor membership

We have decided to make the switch as soon as possible

New and changed text for the website and the mails was gathered:

Oauth for civicrm

Take up again hiring someone to make it happen (Jon Goldberg?)

Fee-waiver applications from US

Ther are regularly applications that read like you have to be a member of the osmf to map. With high probability, those are just spam applications. Nevertheless we want to add a sentence to the workflow message that you do not need to be an OSMF member to contribute to OSM.

Long term

membership prerequisites and transparency: We discussed a "skin in the game" requirement to be able to vote in the OSMF.

Raw meeting notes

The meeting took place on bbb, therefore there is no transcript this time. Here are the raw meeting notes as we collected them during the meeting in bbb.

Active Contributor membership

When to make the switch?

> Whenever it's ready

OTRS changes

- we need Paul, but after we finish the one OTRS text and is OK if after we actually launch the program


- oauth: would make life much easier, but not essential before launch


- Contact form

- The text pages: all good, just review

oauth for civicrm: take up again hiring someone to make it happen (Jon Goldberg?)

fee-waiver applications from US which read like you have to be a member

of the osmf to map, just spam? They usually enter their address in the

user name field.;TicketID=21275

Long term: membership prerequisites and transparency.

Gate keeping: forward new members with <30 days to the board

votes since the last meeting: tunisia