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Action items of the OpenStreetMap Foundation board.

The list is sortable and might contain items that did not arise from board meetings. Incomplete.

  • New: Action item arose during ~ past month.
  • Updated: Action item had an update during past month (mentioned during a board meeting or board chat), other than "in progress".
Name Date Status Action item and updates Source Related to
(was: Amanda)
2022-07 to organise a meeting of the directors with the Advisory Board (AB) members. The meeting will be about attribution (2022-08 decision) board meeting and 2022-08 Attribution guidelines
(was: Amanda)
2022-02-26 and 27 to remind Advisory Board (AB) members about the attribution guidelines during the next Advisory Board meeting. [Session: Attribution - Agree on an attribution enforcement strategy

# 2022-04-28 Amanda stated that she has a conflict of interest. Action item moved to the board.

2022-02 screen-to-screen meeting Attribution
(was: Amanda)
2022-02-26 and 27 to ask the State of the Map organising committee what they think about the idea of restricting State of the Map presentations for big attribution violators. [Session: Attribution - Agree on an attribution enforcement strategy

# 2022-03-30 Ownership changed, as Amanda self-reported that she has a conflict of interest.

2022-02 screen-to-screen meeting Attribution
Board 2022-02-26 and 27 to turn the "must" goals of the goal list into action items at the March board meeting.

# 2022-04-14 Board members to look at the list individually and suggest action items asynchronously.

2022-02 screen-to-screen meeting
Board 2022-02-26 and 27 to rework Corporate Membership tiers [Session: Fundraising] 2022-02 screen-to-screen meeting Corporate Members
Board 2022-02-26 and 27 to make up a table with (date, board member, local chapter/other interest group/communication channel) where we keep track whether the people on the respective channel have heard of us or not. [Session: Board communication] 2022-02 screen-to-screen meeting Board communication
(was: Amanda - updated after 2022 Annual General Meeting)
2022-02-26 and 27 might work on requiring board members to stand early for board elections. [Session: Board member candidates mentoring 2022-02 screen-to-screen meeting
Board 2021-12-11 to choose a new board member with legal responsibility and in charge of EU relations for the EU transparency register. Action item after 2021 board election EU transparency register
(was: Jean-Marc and Amanda - updated after 2022 Annual General Meeting)
2021-10-15 (board chat) On-hold to draft a proposal for a second microgrants round, including parameters (amount of money, source of funds, and selected recommendations from the final report (.odt, 29 KB) by the microgrants committee) to be voted during the October board meeting.

# Note: Previous microgrants framework
# 2021-10-29 decision to put a second round of Microgrants on hold.

Mid-month board chat Microgrants
(was: Jean-Marc, with Eugene's support - updated after 2022 Annual General Meeting)
2022-02-26 and 27 to write up a proposal for the minimum local chapter criteria before the March 24 board meeting. [Session: Local Chapter minimum criteria (including formalisation/clarification on commercial activities)]

# 2022-03-24 Jean-Marc has written a draft. Suggestion to incorporate information from the draft local chapter handbook in the process of approving local chapters and the work related to minimum local chapter criteria.
# 2022-04-28 Jean-Marc is writting up a proposal for the minimum local chapter criteria, including:

  • a guide on what is a Local Chapter
  • a section on what commercial activities of local chapters are accepted.

Draft underway - not ready yet. Local Chapters and Communities Working Group (LCCWG) will be consulted.

  • Decision mentioned on 2022-08-25 meeting: "Formalise unwritten rules regarding Local Chapters' acceptance with clear criteria. Expand already existing document on the Foundation's website."
2022-02 screen-to-screen meeting Local Chapters
Board 2021-04 to make sure to investigate the issue of requiring voters to be "free to vote", and to consider if there should be a change to the Articles of Association, as instructed by the membership (2020 General Meeting resolution - vote 4).

# 2021-07 The board appointed Andy Allan and Michael Collinson to the special committee on takeover protection.

Board meeting Takeover protection
(was: Mikel with help of Amanda and Allan. Change of ownership on 2021-11-26).
2020-10 On-hold to revitalise the Diversity and Inclusion Special Committee.

# 2021-10-29 decision to put this item on hold.
# 2021-11-26 Mikel asked for his name to be removed and the issue to go back to the whole board.

S2S 2020 Wrap-up session
(was: Jean-Marc - updated after 2022 Annual General Meeting)
2021-09 to seek feedback from the Local Chapters and Communities Working Group (LCCWG) regarding formalisation/clarification on commercial activities of Local Chapters (LCs) (what is tolerated/expected/not welcome) and board expectations. Some issues already discussed in the working group. Board meeting Local Chapters
Guillaume 2023-01-12 (board chat) New and done to find the spreadsheet that he created with Jean-Marc Liotier related to OSMF options for relocation/subsidiary in the EU. Board chat OSMF relocation
(was: Amanda and Guillaume - updated after 2022 Annual General Meeting)
2020-03 HOT trademark agreement

# 2021-08 In progress
# 2022-03 Guillaume to meet Tyler Radford (end of March) and report back to the board.
# 2022-04 Guillaume had a good chat with Tyler Radford (HOT) and hopes that we can move forward with new ways on the trademark agreement and in general.
# 2022-07-28 Tyler Radford (Humanitarian OSM Team) sent to Guillaume Rischard (OSMF board) another draft of the HOT trademark agreement which appears to not include what they have discussed. Suggestion: Guillaume and Tyler to meet during the State of the Map 2022 conference to discuss.

HOT trademark agreement
Guillaume 2022-08-25 to respond to the community member's email regarding request for license enforcement. Board meeting Attribution
Guillaume 2022-06-30 to ask the Licensing Working Group (LWG) for potential legal issues on the API creation during their next LWG meeting. Board meeting OSM account creation API
Guillaume 2022-04-14 (board chat) to set up online meetings with Roland about accounts' access. Mid-month board chat Finances
Guillaume 2022-02-26 and 27 to bring the attribution topic up at the introductory meeting with Angelina Calderon, new Facebook Advisory Board representative [next week]. [Session: Attribution - Agree on an attribution enforcement strategy 2022-02 screen-to-screen meeting Attribution
Guillaume and Mikel 2021-11-26 to come up with an outline of a plan regarding the Fundraising and Budget committee. Board meeting Finances
Guillaume 2021-10-29 to suggest to the Microgrants committee to have microgrants throughout the year instead of doing rounds. Board meeting Microgrants
Guillaume 2021-05 to ask our pro-bono lawyer for recommendations of people specialising in mergers and acquisitions. Board meeting Take-over protection
(was: Guillaume with Amanda - updated after 2022 Annual General Meeting)
2020-10 to work on writing the goals of a "supporting" membership to send to OSMF pro-bono lawyer for feedback.

# 2021-10-29 Lawyer is sick.
# 2022-06-30 Lawyer is back.

screen-to-screen 2020-10 Articles of association
(was: Guillaume with Jean-Marc - updated after 2022 Annual General Meeting)
2020-08-27 and restated on 2021-11-12 to have a call with a relocation lawyer and come back to the board with a proposal / circular resolution. Will also ask if it is possible to transfer the Contributor terms. Board meeting and board chat OSMF relocation
Guillaume 2020-08-27 to check on what a move to the EU would mean for contributor terms. Board meeting OSMF relocation
(was: Tobias with Guillaume - updated after 2022 Annual General Meeting)
2022-06-30 to communicate with Microsoft that the board has received the proposal and is checking with Working Groups (WGs).
  • Ask Microsoft for input on ideas, such as the suggestion of using a plugin to add third party logins to the OSM website.
  • Ask Microsoft to prepare a very brief document about technical proposal, where the board can comment on.
Board meeting OSM account creation API
Mateusz 2022-12-10 (Annual General Meeting) to provide his biography for the OSMF website. via email Directors
Mikel 2023-01-12 (board chat) New and done to set up a draft with an outline of the communication strategy before the public meeting and to add important milestones over the course of the year. Board chat Communication
Roland 2023-01-12 (board chat) to create a 2023 budget, after talking with Michelle Heydon (OSMF accountant) regarding the spreadsheet with the preliminary budget she has. Board chat Finances
(was: Guillaume - change of ownership 2022-08-25)
2022-04-14 (board chat) to inform Triodos bank about the new Treasurer. Mid-month board chat Finances
Roland 2022-07 On hold to register for VAT for the State of the Map 2023 2024 earlier, as it needs a lot of work and there are delays. board meeting State of the Map
Roland 2022-04-28 to set up a regular meeting with Guillaume Rischard (ex-Treasurer) and Michelle Heydon (accountant). Board meeting Finances
Roland 2022-02-26 and 27 to clean the goal list from the 2022-02 screen-to-screen meeting and share it at the next board meeting. 2022-02 screen-to-screen meeting
Roland 2022-02-26 and 27 to make inventory of the existing accounts and survey the sysadmins who have access. [Session: Mitigating bus factors] 2022-02 screen-to-screen meeting