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Strategy Cluster C: Institutional Development of OSMF

Note: Simon Poole January 2023 podcast said that the OSMF is in stagnation. It is impossible to change things. There is no leadership. No push to get things done. Possible action: Develop strategic plan with clearly actionable tasks assigned to people. Establish Project Manager portfolio in the Board to manage task implementation across the entire plan. Develop documented Working Group responsibilities, delegate operational matters to working groups, and enhance WG project management skills.

Strategy C1: Institutional strategy

Introduction: The Foundation is established for the two purposes below:

  1. encouraging the growth, development, and distribution of free geospatial data; and
  2. providing geospatial data for anybody to use and share.

Questions arising are:

  • What definitely falls within the OpenStreetMap Foundation’s mission?
  • What definitely doesn’t fall within the OpenStreetMap Foundation’s mission?
  • What are we unsure about falling within the OpenStreetMap Foundation’s mission?
  • What is the procedure to amend the purpose of establishment if required?
  • Should we make some of that explicit, in response to questions about the OpenStreetMap Foundation’s legitimate scope of action?

Task C101: Define OSMF's legitimate scope of action

  • Action: Research and report on OSMF's legitimate scope of action
  • Deliverable: A report on the legitimate scope of action of the OSMF.

Strategy C2: Responding to Brexit


Brexit is important to OSM because the OSMF is incorporated in the UK. Brexit threatens enforcement of our database rights in the European Union. To OSM, Brexit isn’t an incoming wall – the erosion will be gradual. Nevertheless, it is now time to start studying whether to move to a more favourable jurisdiction and how that could happen.

Task C201: Moving OSMF Banking to EU

  • Description:
  • Action:
  • Deliverable:

Task C202: Moving OSMF Data to EU

  • Description:
  • Action:
  • Deliverable:

Task C203: Moving OSMF Offices to EU

  • Description:
  • Action:
  • Deliverable:

Strategy C3: OSMF Fortification

Task C301: Protect OSMF from Hostile Takeover

  • Note: This appears to be a bundle of tasks. It may be better to break them apart for separate implementation.
  • Description: Public trust in the Foundation’s commitment to OpenStreetMap is paramount to the Foundation’s mission. The Board will therefore seek to enhance institutional mitigation of the risks of third parties leading it astray, through thorough assessment and identification of major and subtle risks. From there, the design of mitigation at the organisation, process, and financial levels will be implemented.

Task C302: Protect OSMF Intellectual Property against Piracy

  • Note: Simon Poole in his Jan 2023 podcast touched on the need to urgently protect OSMF trademarks.
  • Description: No data
  • Action: No data

Strategy C4: The Foundation at OpenStreetMap’s core

Task C401: Ensure the availability of a FOSS path to complete the OSM mapping process

  • Note: This Task is overly complex. It may be better stated as Strategy with several tasks.
  • Description: Discussions of the OpenStreetMap Foundation’s role have often turned to discussing what is core. To build its strategy on firm ground, the Board has sought to improve that definition. The conclusion is that the functional core of the OSM movement is the mapping process. This is complemented by the technical core, which at root is the database and the supporting API.
  • Action: Ensure that there is at least one fully Free and Open Source Software path to complete the OpenStreetMap mapping process. Decisions about what software to support will follow directly from this.

Strategy C5: Foundation Management

Task C501: Manage the foundation

  • Description: (please add detail here)
  • Action:
  • Priority:
  • Deliverable:

Strategy C6: Public Relations Programme

  • Note: Raised by Simon Poole in his Jan 2023 podcast: The OSM Project is an important global initiative and has not been marketed sufficiently. Possible Action: Create PR protfolio on Board. Work with Communications WG to develop PR policy for OSMF. Cooms WG asked to create a best-practice PR campaign for OSMF and OSM movement. Hire consultants if necessary.

Task C601: Public Relations

  • Description: (There should be more than one task. See note above. Please add detail here)
  • Action:
  • Priority:
  • Deliverable:

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