OSMF updates/2020-08/Licensing Working Group Overview

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Not for wide dissemination yet - in progress, will be modified.

Please note that the list below covers mostly topics discussed during LWG meetings. Some issues and enquiries are solved/answered via email only.

Draft Attribution guideline

The Licensing Working Group (LWG) had drafted an attribution guideline and the board is currently working on its text.

Attribution guidance related LWG minutes:

Attribution related board minutes:

OSMF members related discussions:

  • Attribution guideline status update: 2019 Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec
  • Attribution: board letter to Facebook: 2019 Oct, Nov

Suggested change to osm.org tile licence

The LWG recommended to the OSMF board that map tiles in the "standard" style produced on and provided from OSMF infrastructure should be licensed as a ODbL 1.0 Produced Work with no additional terms. The board hasapproved that suggestion (June 2020) and the new licensing terms became effective on July 1st 2020.

Translation of the change to all languages is not yet complete.

LWG minutes: 2020 Apr, Jun Blogpost: New licence for the “standard style” tiles from openstreetmap.org

Discussed Brexit implications on OSMF

Currently there is no indication that any agreements will be reached on topics important to the OSMF by the end of the transition period (end of 2020).

LWG minutes: 2020 Mar

Produced work- Downstream attribution requirements from the ODbL?

With the ODbL licence, you have the attribution requirements and you have to make a derivative database that you used to make the produced work available if somebody asks for it.

Decision to add text to copyright page to make clear the licencing of downstream produced works and then update the draft attribution guidance.

LWG minutes: 2020 Jan

Discussion with Mateusz Konieczny regarding use of OpenStreetMap data without proper attribution

Mateusz list is at https://github.com/matkoniecz/illegal-use-of-OpenStreetMap#openstreetmap.

Notes from discussion (Mar)

Domain names

LWG minutes: 2020 May

LWG membership changes

  • Nuno Caldeira had decided to place OSMF/OSM on hold for the near future and was thanked for his participation on the LWG.
  • Simon Poole (LWG chair) announced that he will step down on November.

Specific cases


LWG minutes: 2020 Feb


LWG minutes: 2020 Apr

Question regarding legal compatibility of Open Data Portal Dresden and OSM

LWG minutes: 2020 Jun

Maps related product with "OSM" variant name by company that asked to become an OSMF Corporate Member

LWG minutes: 2020 Jun

“OSM Buildings”

LWG minutes: 2020 Jun


LWG minutes: 2020 Jul


FOSS policy related - Use of OSMF Google hosted documents by LWG

LWG minutes: 2020 Feb

Plan for 2020

LWG minutes: 2020 Feb

OSMF website legal bits re-organisation

LWG minutes: 2020 Jun

Discussion regarding board's survey on "Conflict of Interest Guideline for Working Groups"

LWG minutes: 2020 Jul

Any interest in trying out BigBlueButton instead of Mumble for online meetings?

The LWG currently holds audio meetings on Mumble and it could use OSMF's BigBlueButton video server.

LWG minutes: 2020 May