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Draft page for April's public board meeting.

Date and time: Probably Friday, 30 April 2021 14:00 UTC - Countdown

Location: Video room
using BigBlueButton.



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Officers and board

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Open to all OSMF members.

You are welcome to ask questions or to comment (via voice or on the chat) at the end of the meeting.

  • Please mute your microphone when you join, and to preserve bandwidth, refrain from turning on your webcam.
  • If you are in a low-bandwidth environment, you may benefit from using BigBlueButton's low-bandwidth settings.


Previous minutes

Circular Resolutions

2021/Res11 Authorise Allan to send attribution guideline letter to Intellectual Property lawyer

<link to online document> is the letter, approved by Dermot*.

Accepted on 2021-03-26 with 5 votes in favour: Eugene Alvin Villar, Jean-Marc Liotier, Tobias Knerr, Allan Mustard, Guillaume Rischard.
2 abstained: Mikel Maron (Abstaining from vote due to conflict of interest**), Rory McCann (Since my employer sells OSM services, the attribution guidelines affects their business, which means I have a conflict of interest** on this topic. Hence I must abstain.).

Circular by Guillaume Rischard.

* Dermot McNally - Licensing Working Group member.
** Board conflict of interest policy.

2021/Res12 Tweak to Local Chapters agreement improve ability to upgrade

This proposal is to insert the follow 2 subsections into §10 of the Local Chapters Agreement (LCA), making it v2.1 of the LCA.

> 10.1 This agreement immediately terminates any previous Local Chapter Agreement between the Foundation and the Chapter.

> 10.2 This agreement will be terminated immediately if both parties agree in writing.

The old subsections 10.1 → 10.4 will be renumbered (to 10.3→10.6).

If you think this change needs more discussion, or more non-Board advice, please vote "Disagree" and state this vote box

Accepted on 2021-03-27 with 5 votes in favour: Eugene Alvin Villar (I agree, but is it possible to add the proposed 10.1 clause if and only if there is an existing agreement? So for new chapters from now on, this clause will be omitted.), Mikel Maron (agree and also think Guillaume's suggestions make sense), Tobias Knerr (I would support further tweaks as suggested by Guillaume),Allan Mustard, Rory McCann.
1 abstained: Guillaume Rischard (10.2 isn't needed - most contracts can be ended if both parties agree, except extremely rare cases of employment or consumer protection. The new 10.1 can instead be added at the end of 10 to be more readable).
1 not voted: Jean-Marc Liotier

Circular by Rory McCann.

2021/Res13 Approve Dorothea's new contract

Agreed contract at*

Unanimously accepted on 2021-03-29 with 7 votes in favour: Jean-Marc Liotier, Eugene Alvin Villar, Allan Mustard, Rory McCann, Tobias Knerr, Guillaume Rischard, Mikel Maron.

Circular by Mikel Maron.

* link will be replaced with .odt file on OSMF website.

2021/Res14 Approve trademark agreement with OpenHistoricalMap

Agreement attached (with details on marks)

Accepted on 2021-03-30 with 6 votes in favour: Jean-Marc Liotier, Eugene Alvin Villar, Rory McCann (The LWG has recommended the board accept this, that's good enough for me), Tobias Knerr, Allan Mustard, Mikel Maron
1 abstained: Tobias Knerr (The document still has bits to be filled in?)

Circular by Mikel Maron.

2021/Res15 Empower Rory McCann to sign new Local Chapters Agreement with all existing Local Chapters

Rory McCann is to offer the LCA v2.1, the result of the circular resolution to all existing Local Chapters which will then 'upgrade them' to v2.1 of the Local Chapter Agreement.

Unanimously accepted on 2021-03-30 with 7 votes in favour: Tobias Knerr, Eugene Alvin Villar, Jean-Marc Liotier, Mikel Maron (Not sure this is strictly necessary, should be covered by previous decisions. But no objection in any case), Allan Mustard, Guillaume Rischard, Rory McCann (This will clean everything up, so that all LCs are on the same contract).

Circular by Rory McCann.

2021/Res16 Approve active contributor membership application 2021030210000058

The Board currently decides on active contributor membership applications based on non-mapping contributions on a case-by-case basis.

Accepted on 2021-04-07 with 5 votes in favour: Eugene Alvin Villar, Allan Mustard, Tobias Knerr, Mikel Maron, Rory McCann (They appear to meet the standard for Active Contributor Membership. I would prefer if the * 'contact us' page didn't use Google Maps).
1 against: Jean-Marc Liotier (** - not much activity, decreasing trend, is country director of * and thus not exactly in need).
1 not voted: Guillaume Rischard.

* Redacted name of organisation.
** Redacted OSM username.

Previous action items

See Board/Action_Items.

Action item updates

Treasurer's report

Advisory Board - monthly update

The Advisory Board members are separate from the OSMF board of directors - individuals are either nominated by Corporate Members of the OSMF or invited directly by the OSMF board of directors. The OSMF Board of Directors will publicly minute, in the board meeting minutes, any communication sent to, or received from, the AB members. This monthly section is reserved for this purpose.

Overview of board communications with representatives on the Advisory Board.
(single page displaying all the monthly updates that are linked below)
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Monthly Local Chapter presentation

About this section: Idea - Invite a Local Chapter to speak at each OSMF Board meeting.

To be arranged by Rory McCann.

Any other business

Guest comments or questions

Next meeting

Open board meetings take place online once a month.
New recurring date and time: Last Friday of the month at 14:00 UTC.

See the Monthly Board meetings page to find out where board meetings are announced and for a subscription link to have future board meetings automatically added to your calendar.